short films

FILMS PAST & PRESENT (View on Vimeo)

LOTS (2016) 16mm to video, 15 mins (work in progress)
A portrait of the millennia of landscape transformation in Brooklyn, NY

AW SHUCKS, SEGUNDO! (2015) 35mm to video, b/w, silent, 4.5 mins
Segundo has just 60 seconds to shuck as many oysters as he can! Made at Residency Unlimited: Special Features.

STARFISH AORTA COLOSSUS (2015) Unslit 8mm to video, 4.5 mins
Poetry watches film. Film reads poetry. A collaboration with Lynne Sachs.

A BUNCH OF DUCKS (2014) 16mm to video, color, sound, 1.5 min
A bunch of ducks
Just a bunch of ducks hanging out in Central Park.

LVING FOSSIL (2014) 16mm to video, color, sound, 2 mins

Springtime along the Mid-Atlantic seaboard, thousands of horseshoe crabs spawn on beaches under the glow of the full moon. A brief glimpse into a 450 million year old ritual.

WORKING FROM HOME (2013) 16mm, b/w, optical sound, 3 min

Shot on the last day of August, I aim my camera out my window seeking respite from my work.

SPRING TIDE (2012) 16mm to video, color, sound, 2 mins

Animation made with sea glass collected over childhood summers on the coast of Maine.

HINDSIGHT (2010) 16mm, color, optical sound, 14 mins

A portrait of seasonal rituals and childhood memories from a small town.

BOONOONOONOUS (2011) Super8 to video, color, cassette sound, 5 mins

A travelogue from a trip to Port Antonio, Jamaica

MIGRATION II (2011) Super8 to video, b/w, cassette sound, 5.5 mins

I asked my grandfather to tell me all the places he’s ever lived.

KIN (2011) Super8 to video, color, cassette sound, 3 mins

A short movie about a family.

QUARTZ (2011) 16mm to video, black & white, sound, 2.5 mins

Music video for Crinkles

CHRISTEN (2010) VHS, color, sound, 2.5 mins

Manipulated home movies, in collaboration with Greyory

RED RASPBERRY / SUGAR ON SNOW (2008) 16mm to video,  9 mins

A film for the song “Red Raspberry/Sugar on Snow” by Brooklyn, NY band, Crinkles.