Holy Cow it’s almost January!

You can say that again! But yes it’s true. I haven’t posted in over a month. Believe me, I’ve been terribly busy. (In advance, I’m going to apologize for the random nature of this post.)

Anyway, I’m back in Cambridge after the holidays. I just cleaned my entire apartment, and I thought I should also update this blog. I apologize to all my family who asked me today why I wasn’t posting updates about Hindsight.

Well let me tell you this. I’ve been hard at work editing the film. I can’t remember if I wrote about my last shoot in the November update, but I’ll do it again — I shot some extra pick-ups the weekend before Thanksgiving. I have that footage back now and I’ve edited into my rough cut, which is about 13 minutes at this point.

The direction of the film underwent some incredible changes over the past month. I’ve been screening it around Emerson and getting as much feedback as I can. As you may know, the film had two elements to it – the straight, objective look at my hometown, and also the subjective point of view that came through the use of my VHS home movies. I always felt that these two elements were battling each other. I assumed the poetics of the piece would come through the subtle melding of these two mediums. I’d say that some sequences worked well together, but overall the use of both didn’t agree with each other. Saying this, I’ll announce that I’m cutting the home movie parts of Hindsight. As it is now, it’s pure 16mm film and I’m happy to say it! The project is definitely coming together more elegantly. I’m proud of the cutting that I’ve done. It feels more like a professional piece.

That all being said, I’m on winter break now until the 18th of January and I plan on shooting a little bit more in Marlborough to fill in some gaps and smooth over some transitions.

I applied for the UFVA Carole Fielding Grant for my finishing funds before the end of this semester. I’ll find out about the results of that grant in March. That should help with the finishing costs as Emerson has told me that the BFA fund is frozen this year and I won’t receive any support from them. Though, I don’t know if I should be saying that.

What else? Hmm. I don’t know. I promise I’ll make some type of trailer or something once the cut is a touch more refined and has some music. Maybe I’ll do a behind-the-scenes editing update.

I’ll say farewell. Thank you to all my supporters! Happy New Year!

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