November Donor Update!

I really have to say that this semester has already flown by.  I can’t believe that next week is Thanksgiving and this will be my first update for the month of November.  But I’ve been busy getting rough cuts together of the different sections of Hindsight.  Often I’ll stay in the Avid editing suite late into the night and I’ll exit with itchy eyes and a headache.  The result of staring at a flat screen for hours.

But I’m making good progress though.  Right now I’m working with a 25 minute assembly.  I’m still searching through my old home movies to find bit of clips and audio to splice into the 16mm.  So far I’m liking the cuts but I’m nervous about the overall direction of the film.  I’m having trouble tying things up and making the message clear.   I’m sure I’ll be able to work things down and find what I’m looking for – it just takes time.

There have been some wonderful donations to the project in the past few weeks so I wanted to give some shout outs.  As always, a very special thanks to the following supporters!

Jerry & Lori Lyng, Sam Molleur, Mike Ulloa,

Beth Petroni, and Cindy Wise

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